Christmas is coming and crypto enthusiasts have again the opportunity to express their love for crypto by buying “special” gifts for their friends. We have summarized your 2019 options.

The global Crypto Christmas challenge is on. Like every year, the world’s crypto exchanges, blockchain startups,  and literally everyone else who offers anything related to crypto or blockchain competes for the most eye-catching gift idea. And like every year, most of them are rather unspectacular. But if you really want to buy a crypto Christmas gift, here are some options:

MtSocks crypto socks: Stock up your crypto socks portfolio

If your loved ones do not yet have an exhaustive collection of crypto socks, now is your chance. CoinCorner exchange has launched a crypto socks portfolio called “MtSocks.” Each pair in the collection features another cryptocurrency-related theme. What’s more? Every sock comes with an information card that educates the sock owner about the crypto industry.

As of now, there are three designs available – Bitcoin Not Blockchain, Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy, and Bitcoin Wizard – with new designs coming in the new year. Also, the team signs a message with your private key to prove the customer owns a Bitcoin address and that each pair bought has been sold exclusively by MtSocks. Of course, you can buy into the MtSocks universe with Bitcoin. But be aware that the supply is limited, just like with Bitcoin.

No socks? Get some other clothes

If you’re all set with socks, there are endless other clothing opportunities: Bitcoin shirts, Ethereum dresses, an “All I want for Chrismas is Ethereum” hoddie, a pink „in crypto we trust” base cap, a bag stating “It just looks so rekt, but it’s holding,” and for all barbecue aficionados, get a crypto-themed “I told you so” apron.  

Entertainment: Buy a book, not the movie

This year has seen a range of crypto and blockchain books being published. Just go to amazon, you’ll find more than enough choice. Also, the movie “Crypto,” an American crime drama thriller film, about money laundering involving cryptocurrency, has gotten some buzz this year. But looking at the reviews, it might not be the most amazing Christmas gift. Reviews range from “paralyzingly slow,” and “thuddingly unsubtle” to “not awful, exactly, because it’s running on rails.” An entertaining B-movie, maybe something to watch at the end of Christmas eve, when you’re tired and you want people to go home anyway.

Donating money for charity instead?

For those who want something actually useful, Coinbase is partnering with crypto-powered charity organization DustAid to enable Christmas donations to three different causes.

Beneficiaries are the Liddle Edi Foundation which supports rural communities in Romania, elephant conservations Space for Giants, and the NSPCC. DustAid managing director, Duncan Murray, says the initiative aims to “make giving a simple, easy and transparent part of our daily lives.”

Doners can send cryptocurrency through Coinbase’s Commerce platform, which allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Crypto itself might just be the best present this year

The best crypto Christmas gift this year might be cryptocurrency. Bitcoin stands at $7,159 today, about half of its yearly high. The upcoming Bitcoin halving in Mai could accelerate price development over the next year. Some say it might even go beyond the $100,000 mark. If you buy your friends Bitcoin this Christmas, and it will value anywhere close to that prediction in one year from now, believe me, you’ll get a lot of gifts for Christmas 2020.

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