Boerse Stuttgart is “satisfied” with the success of its crypto trading app Bison. The company plans to expand the app’s offering and will keep developing its features and functionalities.

Boerse Stuttgart’s crypto trading app Bison looks back at a successful year. Twelve months after its launch, the app tops 80,000 users, said Boerse Stuttgart in a press release last week. According to the company, the main success factor was that the app facilitates “uncomplicated and secure” trading through smartphones.

Ulli Spankowski, CEO of Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures and the developer of the app, comments, “We are very satisfied with the level of take-up for Bison. Our approach has been to make trading in cryptocurrencies as simple as possible, and the response has been excellent. Over the past 12 months, we have received a great deal of valuable feedback from users that we incorporate into the further development of Bison.”

Spankowski said the development team is gradually adding new features to the Bison app and plans to continue to improve the user experience. Today, Bison is available for Android and iOS devices. The next step will be a desktop version. Last year, the application was upgraded with individual price alerts and a tax reporting tool.

Bison will add Bitcoin Cash and expand internationally

Traders using Bison trade cryptocurrencies through Euwax Ag, which also belongs to Boerse Stuttgart, and is a financial service provider regulated in Germany. The app supports 24-hour trading and doesn’t charge any fees. Instead, it makes its profit from the spread between the buying and selling price.

So far, Bison offered investors access to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP) for trading. Since the beginning of the year, traders can also transfer BTC from their private wallets to Bison. In the future, they will be able to do so with the other tradable coins as well.

Due to last year’s success, Boerse Stuttgart is planning to expand the platform. In the near future, it will make Bitcoin Cash (BCH) available for trading. It has also expanded beyond Germany’s border and is now available across the European Economic Area and Switzerland. 

Boerse Stuttgart a leading exchange in the digital assets space

Bison is not the same as BSDEX, the Digital Exchange of Börse Stuttgart. While Bison is solely a mobile app for cryptocurrency trading, BSDEX is a digital asset trading platform, which is Germany’s first regulated trading venue for digital assets.

BSDEX aims at becoming Europe’s largest digital asset trading venture. Peter Grosskopf, CTO at BSDEX, explains, “BSDEX will give retail and institutional investors direct access to digital assets and provide flexible and relatively low-cost trading. We believe blockchain is set to bring about significant changes in the financial industry, and we want to leverage its potential to create the trading venue of the future.”

The future development of blockchain-based trading is heavily dependent on the market entry of regulated exchanges and other infrastructure providers. With Bison and BSDEX, Boerse Stuttgart is leading the pack in Germany and a pioneer in Europe.

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